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Dr. Constantin Thieme receives “Ad-Hoc Grant to Advance Translational Research”

Image by on Freepik

The team of the AG Babel at the Charité in Berlin has been awarded €48,000 by the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) for the expansion of its “TreaT-Assay” study with kidney transplant patients for BKV-related graft damage! The funding is intended to significantly expand the range of the “TreaT-Assay”, developed by the group. Furthermore, the expanded assay will be tested in an ongoing clinical study funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. This could significantly improve the diagnosis and thus the treatment of kidney transplant patients. The non-invasive test could be used to detect and treat rejections and viral infections at an early stage. Patients who have a low risk of such complications could receive a lower dose of the immunosuppressive drugs, sparing them of many life-threatening adverse effects.

Cover image: on Freepik.