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Cooperative projects

Cooperative projects with a leadership role or participation of lab members:

  • e:Kid: Systems medicine approach to personalized immunosuppressive treatment at early stage after Kidney Transplantation (Charité/Humboldt-Universität/Fraunhofer Institut/Epiontis GmbH/MicroDiscovery GmbH) (
  • mTDM-immun: mobile therapeutic Drug Monitoring of immunosuppression (Charité/Fraunhofer Institut/MicroDiscovery)
  • The role of IL-17 in delayed graft function and alloimmunity in patients after kidney transplantation (Charité)
  • BIoDrIM: BIOmarker-Driven personalized Immunosuppression (EU-weite-multicenter Studie)
  • Active polyomavirus infection in renal allograft patients; multi-center study (Germany-wide) Cellular Immune Monitoring by molecular-genetic analysis of T-cell receptor repertoire in kidney transplant patients (Charité/MPI)
  • Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of regulatory T cells in human and murine Lupus (Charité)
  • Protective Immunity in Ageing (Charité/Deutsches Rheumaforschungszentrum/Humboldt-Universität/Generic Assays GmbH/ Epiontis GmbH)
  • Development of new tools for diagnosing and monitoring infections, development of new procedures for cost-efficient diagnostics (Charité/ Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris/ Hadassah University Hospital, Israel/Epiontis GmbH)
  • Analysis of virus – immune system interaction (Charité/MPI/Humboldt-Universität)
  • Development of peptide-based immunoassay for prediction of post-transplant complications (Charité/Humboldt-Universität/Fraunhoffer Institut/Medipan GmbH/BiosynthanGmbH/PolyAnGmbH)