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Young researchers

The training of medical researchers (including Clinician Scientists) and their integration into the scientific community is a main activity of our working group.

We are also very committed to training natural scientists who want to work translationally and award bachelor’s, master’s and scientific doctoral theses.

Clinician Scientist Programme at the RUB

Prof. Babel is the programme coordinator for the RUB Clinician Scientist Programme. This programme enables outstanding scientists to free themselves from clinical tasks and devote themselves fully to their research. This enables them to achieve and publish scientific results that open the door to a quick habilitation, an application for a junior professorship or a similar qualification for the next scientific career step.

The Clinician Scientist Programme comprises the following modules:

Module I: Clinician Scientist
Module II: Female Clinician Scientist
Module III: Advanced Clinician Scientist

For further information, please visit the RUB Clinician Scientist Programme website or contact Prof. Babel.